... At its best literature is a machine for making meaning. Meaning is like electricity; it can flow and jump and shock. A good novel is not valuable because it is a product, a thing called a novel—it is valuable because of the meaning that it generates.
— Erin Morgan Gilbert, "Look at the Hazelnuts!" AGNI

Conference Papers

"The Lieutenant Nun and the Cavalry Maid," Community Colleges Humanities Association Regional Conference, 2012


"Your Brother Mahmoud," Bitch Magazine, Spring 2014

"A Boy, a Horse, a Writer," Structo, 2014

"Look at the Hazelnuts!" AGNI (online), 2011

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Guest Blog Posts

"Remembering Writer Doris Lessing: 'Whatever You're Meant to Do, Do It Now,'" Bitch Magazine, 2013


"That's Where Coyote Comes In: PW Talks with Hari Kunzru," Publishers Weekly, 2012

"Drunk, Liquored Up, and In Disguise: PW Talks with Michael Crummey," Publishers Weekly, 2011

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"Anemone," Ilanot Review, 2014

Celeraic, Structo, Winter 2015

Readings, Performances, Collaborations

Art/Seed Poetry Reading, The Marble House, 2016

Poem "Hands" performed by aerial artist Noa Schnitzer on trapeze, Cirque Lab: Bellingham Annual Aerial Showcase, 2015

Literary Event #2 Reading, Tony's Coffee, 2013


Review of Marie NDiaye’s "Self-Portrait in Green,” Brevity, 2015

"Rubbish and Blazing Light," The Rumpus, 2011

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"Everything Flows," Publishers Weekly, 2009

"Nocturnes," Publishers Weekly, 2009

"In the Valley of the Kings," Publishers Weekly, 2009

Short Stories

"Then Nothing," Moonshot, 2010

While making routine repairs to an old ferryboat a few years ago, my father was delighted to find some of the original parts from the 1920’s intact and in good working order. The boat had been refitted, but below deck some of the machinery was the same. He was impressed by the fine workmanship that allowed those parts to last for almost a century. When I find mechanisms from Gogol and Laxness at work in a contemporary novel, I feel the same delight. The age of these allusions, these recycled experiences, images, and ideas, is not what I enjoy: I learned to read at my father’s table, and like him I appreciate the fine workmanship and elegant connections that result in a functioning whole.
— Erin Morgan Gilbert, "Look at the Hazelnuts!" AGNI